Slide Buoys of bead "Demoncracy" AKT Pforzheim to 26.11.2019 In the background: Video "We Are Data" artist: Peter Weibel Slide Buoys of bread "Demoncracy" AKT Pforzheim In the background: Masks from Chelsea E. Manning artist: Heather Dewey - Hagborg Slide "Demoncracy" 2019 Fractals III, 2002 Video
Buoys of bread

Demoncracy • AKT -Pforzheim, 2019

Fractals III • Underground Station Reichstag, Berlin 2002


25 primed loaves of bread, each equipped with a white flag, float in transparent water-filled vitrines; they respond to air, gently circulating around them, by bobbing up and down. Some of the loaves contain a mechanic device that, with short shocks, animate the flags by a shuddering action. Below the water level of the bread buoys is the concrete foundation for a future escalator. Parallel to the main stairs, it forms an elongated cave into which the viewer is led. In the small rooms are the Russian bread machines with their completely erratic mechanics for slamming down sculptured letters. Here too are the permanent-surrender wind vitrines.